HCBS Training

What is the Future Vision for HCBS Services?

Vision Board Activity – Services in the Future

  • Ask the same timekeeper to set the timer for another 20-minute period,
  • Write the word “Future” at the top of the flip chart or poster paper next to the ”Now” poster, and
  • Use the same Graphic Facilitator to capture what is said using images or words.

The Graphic Facilitator writes the word “Future” on the top of the flip chart or poster paper and asks the following questions:

What is Your Team’s Vision for the Future?

  • What do services look like in a person-centered system?
  • How will people be involved in the community in the future?
  • What climate and culture are you working toward?
  • How do you extend your vision to the greater community?
  1. Share ordinary places and activities
  2. Make choices
  3. Contribute
  4. Grow in relationships
  5. Be treated with respect and have valued social roles

- John and Connie O’Brien

Use the Same Themes from the First Vision Board About the Services Now

The team describes the future using the same themes shown in the poster that tells what services look like now. The team explains in pictures what life will look like when barriers are removed and culture is changed to improve HCBS services.  In the image on this page, road construction is complete and the mountains are easier to travel through.  An airplane flies overhead. There are signs that people are living and working where, how, and with whom they want.  A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow represents hope that this positive vision will be achieved.

Be sure to save the all of the work completed in this activity by taking pictures of the vision boards or by recording the work completed. Teams in Minnesota have used the Vision Boards as a way to share the values that are Important to everyone involved in HCBS.

Visit the Module 5 Resource page to see more examples of Vision Boards made by Minnesota teams.