Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Direct Service Workers to Provide Self-Directed HCBS

Be Honest

1. Listen

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Two men visiting a dog at a pet shelter.

2. Read

DSWs provide a wide variety of supports.  Some DSWs may have skills and interests that are better suited to the supports you need than others.  Some people's supports may include tasks that can require specific skills that not everyone may be comfortable doing.  Being up front about the supports you need and your expectations about those supports means DSWs won't be surprised by their job duties.  If DSWs know what their job will be like before they start, they may stay longer.

3. Reflect

What do you think?

Does being up front about your support needs make it easier or harder to find new DSWs?

Being  up front about your support needs can help with finding the right DSW.  You both can decide if they are a right match for you.

Letting people who are applying to work as your DSW know about all of your support needs may mean that some people will decide not to work for you.  They may not have been a good fit.  It can be frustrating when it takes longer to find someone. A DSW who is a better match for the job is likely to stay longer.