Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Direct Service Workers to Provide Self-Directed HCBS

Identify the Requirements of the Job

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DSW supporting man to cut lime

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When you are identifying what tasks you want your DSW to do, check to see what supports are approved on your care plan.

Create a list of all the tasks that your DSW will need to perform. The Activities of Daily Living box below has some ideas for your list. Download the Skills Questionnaire PDF to get started. Identify the needs on your person-centered plan when you are making your list. You may find it helpful to talk to your service coordinator about the tasks your DSW should perform.

Note regarding the Skills Questionnaire:  The worksheet uses Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it. If you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to print out your worksheet when you are done with it. You won’t be able to save it. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you will be able to save your work. 

  • Personal care including assistance with bathing/hygiene, dressing/grooming, toileting, and other related activities
  • Assistance with meal planning, shopping, preparation, and cleanup
  • Assistance with home maintenance, laundry, and cleaning
  • Assistance with running errands for or with you