Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Direct Service Workers to Provide Self-Directed HCBS

What Should Be in a Realistic Job Preview?

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Your realistic job preview provides more than information about job duties.  It should also include information about what is important to you.

Click on each of the tabs to learn about the information you might want to include in your realistic job preview.

  • What should a DSW know about you in order to be a good match and provide supports in the way you want?  This might include information such as your disability or support needs, or sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Do they need to know critical health information, such as allergies or procedures with which they would need to assist?
  • What is your communication style?
  • What are your favorite activities?
  • What is important to and important for you?  Include lifestyle choices that DSWs would need to respect, such as smoking, drinking, your faith, if you have children and how you raise your children, or other lifestyle choices.
  • Will the DSW interact with other people who support you (e.g., a home health nurse or other DSWs)?
  • Are there family/friends that are active in providing supports?
  • What are their roles and responsibilities?
  • Do you live with other people such as family or friends?  If yes, who?
  • Do you have a pet?  If yes, what kind?
  • What kinds of supports are needed?
  • What does a typical day look like?
  • Will the DSW be working in your home? At your job? In the community?
  • What are your expectations?
    • Is being on time important for you?
    • Is being a non-smoker important to you?
    • Is being a particular gender important to you?
    • Does the environment require a certain way of dressing?
  • What skills and experience does a DSW need?
    • Refer to the skills, experience, and characteristics you identified in Module 2.
  • What are the best parts of the job?
  • What are the most challenging parts of the job?
  • What should a new DSW know before starting?
  • What is the person's caregiving background (institutional or in-home)?
  • What tasks will you want your DSW to perform?
  • What are other requirements that are important (such as completion of CPR, first aid, or other training or certifications)?
  • Will they be working in your home or supporting you at work? What is your home like? What is your workplace like? Describe where the DSW will be working.