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Evaluating Outcome Statements

Efforts: What are you doing?

Teams created outcome statements in Module 5. Outcome statements are used to make sure the team's values and vision drive the action plan. The evaluation plan created in this module will help teams monitor the action plan.  It will also help the team make changes over time. Including the outcome statements in the evaluation plan helps the team make sure that HCBS values are reflected in the work taking place.

An HCBS team in Minnesota created wanted to make sure that “all staff members will receive support in using Person-Centered Thinking skills.” Person-Centered Thinking uses skills to support relationship building and problem-solving. These skills help balance what is Important To people with what is Important For them. The team documented efforts using the table you see on this page.

Outcome Statements 

Employees/ Staff

As individuals, we feel confident with Person-Centered Thinking, are sufficiently supported, and trusted to take action


Our organization embraces and promotes a culture of Person-Centered Thinking (PCT). Goal: Support All Staff in using PCT Tools 


Type of Data

Summary of Data

Develop PCT Coaches

Number of staff trained as PCT coaches

25 staff trained

PCT Coaches will work with staff

Number of staff each coach worked with

55 staff members were introduced to at least one tool

PCT Coaches will work with staff

Number of coach sessions with staff

130 individual sessions

Staff and people supported will complete one-page descriptions

Number of one-page descriptions completed

Staff completed = 20

People supported = 67

Use person-centered observation form to observe and record staff performance of person-centered practices

Direct observation in one area

(see spreadsheet for details)

Staff uses tool to score confidence using PCT skills

Staff confidence score

Number of staff = 45

Average score across tools = 3.7

Lowest and highest score range (1-4)


Please use the HCBS Planning Tool to complete the activity.

Brainstorm with your team how to evaluate the efforts for at least one goal that has been prioritized for this year.

Minnesota Team Checklist

HCBS Planning Tool

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