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Using Data to Guide Progress

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The action plan that your team created will provide many ideas to assess progress. Monitoring this progress can involve using data that are already collected and adding new measures to monitor the action plan over time. The team uses these data to guide progress during meetings. Improved outcomes can relate to many different HCBS changes. For example, teams can measure:

  • The number of people trained to use a practice,
  • Improvement in quality of life measures for people receiving services,
  • Decreases in staff turnover, sick days, or injuries,
  • Increases in satisfaction with services, and
  • Assessment of how well the team is implementing a person-centered practices.

Item 30 on the Minnesota Team Checklist prompts teams to use data during each meeting to assess progress and improve person-centered efforts. Brainstorming ideas for assessing the team’s action plan is a first step in evaluation. Think about how your team will know when the action plan is making a difference. Start assessing the action plan progress using data during team meetings.


Please use the MN Team Checklist and the HCBS Planning Tool to complete the activity.

Minnesota Team Checklist.  Item number 30 in the Evaluation section.  Team uses data in team meetings to guide progress improving services. Score the checklist: 0 – planning not yet started, 1 – in progress, or 2 – fully in place.

Checklist Item number 21: Team uses data in team meetings to guide progress improving services.

How will you team assess progress on your action plan?  What data will help you assess progress? Which meetings will your team use to review the data?  Consider if there are times your team already reviews data.

Minnesota Team Checklist

HCBS Planning Tool

If you haven't already done so please use these links to access the tools.