HCBS Training

Documenting Person-Centered Practices

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The Minnesota Team Checklist was created with feedback from experts in person-centered and positive support practices. The items represent key actions that providers use to improve HCBS services. When you show evidence that you are implementing a practice in the way it is intended, you are evaluating Fidelity of Implementation. A team that achieves a high score on the Minnesota Team Checklist is helping to confirm that person-centered practices and positive supports are being used in the way they were intended.

If someone says that “our services are already person-centered,” it is important that they are also able to answer questions about fidelity:

  • How do you know that the services are person-centered?
  • What person-centered efforts are being used?
  • Is everyone providing HCBS using person-centered strategies?

Fidelity of implementation is a measure that can help confirm that there are person-centered changes occurring in HCBS.