HCBS Training

The Role of Person-Centered Team Members

A team of people meeting together.

Team members working on person-centered practices do their best to speak for the people they work with and support in Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). The role of each team member is to participate in the overall process and share their own ideas and the views of the people who are not on the team. Each team member should:

  • Attend meetings and work on tasks related to the action plan,
  • Describe the common views about services,
  • Help assess services and work on action planning,
  • Share details about the process with other people,
  • Represent and/or reach out to people from under-represented cultural groups,
  • Use data as part of a team to assess how well the team is using person-centered practices,
  • Solve problems and make changes to improve services, and
  • Share progress and talk with other people who are not part of the team, and celebrate success.