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The Role of the Leader or Key Contact

meeting of diverse people with young woman as the leader

One role used in person-centered practices is the Leader or Key Contact. In a small organization, an organization’s leader may take on this role. In larger provider services, it can be helpful to ask a staff person to be the Leader or Key Contact.

Leaders or Key Contacts make sure person-centered meetings occur and that the team is making progress. Their role is to help keep the meeting process moving forward. Leaders or Key Contacts do not have all the answers about person-centered practices. However, they can describe what the team is working on and answer questions that come up about the team process.

Leaders  or Key Contacts duties:

  • Help schedule the meetings and send out reminders to the team,
  • Make sure the agenda is sent out to everyone,
  • Check to see that upcoming meetings are scheduled,
  • Facilitate the meetings or recruit a team member to take on this role,
  • Remind the team what actions need to be completed,
  • Help people see the positive changes that occur, and
  • Remind the team to celebrate success.

Is there someone on your team who would be a good person to take on this role and is willing to be the Leader or Key Contact?


Please use the MN Team Checklist and the HCBS Planning Tool to complete the activity. 

Minnesota Team Checklist.  Item number 6 in the Team section.  The team has a leader or key contact who speaks for the group. Score the checklist: 0 – planning not yet started, 1 – in progress, or 2 – fully in place.

Checklist Item 6: The team has a leader or key contact who speaks for the group. 

Does your team have a leader(s) or key contact(s)? Write down the name(s) of the person(s) who will take on this (these) role(s) for the team.

Minnesota Team Checklist

HCBS Planning Tool

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