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Making Sure Our Actions Reflect Our Core Values

So far, we have been talking about items 1-3 on the Minnesota Team Checklist. The goal is to create a team (item 1), set a regular meeting schedule (item 2), and write a plan for including all of the people who are part of HCBS (item 3).  Item 4 reminds the team to agree on a clear purpose for the meetings and a group vision. This will help team members understand how the work is linked to everyone's values.  One way to achieve item 4 is to write a purpose statement that will drive the team’s work and to make a list of outcomes the team wants to see as a result of their work.  The HCBS Planning Tool includes a section for writing this purpose statement.

Most providers already have a mission and vision that is written down and shared with others. This planning process helps make sure that the actions of the staff members who are providing HCBS are driven by the values that people believe are important. 

Mission Statement

To provide a healthy and nurturing environment for people with disabilities so that they may be supported in a lifestyle they desire and experience personal growth while living with their community.


To be a premier service provider to people of all abilities by recognizing the importance of looking at each person as an individual and creating a valuable job for our employees.

Provided by:  ICAN (Minnesota provider)

Mission Statement

To influence our organizational work culture to include person-centered practices and positive supports to improve the quality of life for the people we support, our employees, our organization, and our community.

Vision Statement

Our team has helped people in our organization live the life they want to live.

  • To find ways to spread person-center practices throughout our organization
  • Come together in a safe place to connect and support each other and reflect
  • Share tools learned to create a person-centered atmosphere
  • Share success stories, challenges and learn from each other

“…the ultimate question for all of us: Do our actions reflect our values? Do our traditions reflect our beliefs? Do our purchases reflect our ethics? After all, what’s the point in having values if we don’t manifest them in our behavior?”

― Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

“Values are the definition of our actions in life”

― Armin Houman


Please use the MN Team Checklist and the HCBS Planning Tool to complete the activity. 

Minnesota Team Checklist.  Item number 4 in the Team section.  The team has a clear vision and purpose that matches person-centered and positive support values. Score the checklist: 0 – planning not yet started, 1 – in progress, or 2 – fully in place.

Checklist item 4: The team has a clear vision and purpose that matches person-centered and positive support values.

4a: Are the values that were voted the most important reflected in the current vision and mission for provider services?

4b: : A purpose statement for the person-centered practices team will help make sure that everyone is clear about what the team wants to achieve. Write your team’s purpose and vision based on the top 3 values selected. It can be difficult to write sentences together in groups. With larger teams, it can be helpful to ask 1-2 people to start a draft of the sentence based on the earlier work on values and use the meeting to discuss edits that are needed. Share the examples of the purpose statement from Module 2 with the team if some team members have not completed the modules.

Minnesota Team Checklist

HCBS Planning Tool

If you haven't already done so please use these links to access the tools.