HCBS Training

Using a Team Approach

A team of putting their hands together in the center of the circle.

Team members are chosen to represent the roles and types of people involved in Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). A team approach can help make sure that you listen to the different views that people have as you provide HCBS from your home, or within residential, employment or other community settings.

Team members include:

  • People receiving support,
  • Family or caregivers,
  • Leaders or directors,
  • Staff who assist in services, and
  • Community members.

In larger services, team members represent many different types of roles:

  • Management, and supervision
  • Human resources,
  • Staff who directly support people,
  • Geographic areas where people are served, and
  • People who provide specific types of services or departments.

Each HCBS team looks different based on its size and how it is organized. In some cases, there may be a team of people who are already meeting on a topic related to improving person-centered practices. How often the team meets is up to each group of people. Some teams meet monthly while others meet four to six times a year. Team members may work on specific activities in between meetings and report back to the team to save time and decrease the number of meetings that occur.